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- Our rain chains are 100% Pure Copper – a green eco-friendly product.

- Our rain chains are standard 8.5 ft. - can easily be made longer or shorter.

- Gutter hook attachment included with every rain chain for easy installation.

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RainChainsStore.com 100% copper rain chains are a fun, fashionable and extremely functional alternative to ugly downspouts and will enhance the beauty of your home. Family, friends and neighbors will enjoy watching rain water cascade down your rain chain while listening to the pleasant and soothing sounds. Everyone loves them and they make great gifts year round.

Come winter in the North – Don’t Worry! Rain chains look beautiful covered in snow. Ice formations will be ever-changing as the sun warms the rain chain during the day and re-freezes at night. Weight is not a problem. Rain chains hold a limited amount of snow and ice and never get heavy enough to affect your rain gutters.

When purchasing a rain chain make certain it is 100% copper. Don’t be fooled by copper plated rain chains – They will fade and rust within a couple of years. RainChainsStore sells only 100% copper rain chains.They will never rust! Overtime your beautiful rain chains will develop a lovely patina and since we only use 100% copper your rain chains will last lifetimes.

Our website has a great deal of information about rain chains. Hit any of the links on the top of the page and you can learn about the history of rain chains, why use copper, the different styles and why every home can benefit from using rain chains.

RainChainsStore.com is a Vermont based company owned and operated by eco-friendly partners. We encourage everyone to make an effort to employ the use of natural and raw materials as an alternative to man made products. Your purchase from RainChainsStore.com takes us one step closer to making this planet a safer and healthier place to live. Rain chains are environmentally friendly and every home can be enhanced by adding 100% copper rain chains in place of downspouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does shipping take for rain chains?
In most cases we ship rain chains and basins same day as we receive your order.  Ship times are as follows: West Coast: 1 – 3 days Midwest: 3 - 4 days East Coast: 4 – 5 days

Q: What is the function of a rain chain?
Like a downspout, rain chains allow a steady flow of water off of your roof from the rain gutter. Unlike a downspout a rain chain allows you to watch the cascading water through the cups or links with the soothing sound of flowing water.  Cup styles tend to offer a more tinkling sound than the link styles but all rain chains work wonderfully.

Q: Do I need rain gutters to use my rain chains?
No.  Although rain chains work best when attached to a rain gutter they can also be used wherever water flows off your roof or shed. It is helpful when the water flow is concentrated into the rain chain to maximize the full function of the rain chain. You can also hang smaller sections on a shepherds hook in the garden to enhance your garden appearance.

Q: What is the difference between cup and link style rain chains?
Cup style rain chains concentrate the flow of water and during heavy rains will contain water more so than link styles. Both style rain chains are functional and attractive with water flowing through them.

Q: Will my rain chain maintain its shiny copper appearance?
Our rain chains are made from 100% copper which through normal usage will darken with age and develop a beautiful patina finish. Over time your rain chains will develop hints of green which like The Statue of Liberty is normal and your rain chain will last many lifetimes.

Q: Do I have to take down my rain chain in the winter?
No. Many of our customers live in cold and snowy sections of the country and rain chains are very attractive when covered in ice or snow. During the day ice may melt and overnight refreeze leaving beautiful ice formations on your rain chain. The added weight of snow and ice on your rain chain will not be a problem. Note: The Bamboo Cup rain chain is the only style not recommended where snow and ice are normal.

Q: Will high winds affect the rain chains?
In most cases wind will not be a factor with your rain chain. The open design of rain chains and there flexibility minimizes movement when it’s raining However, if you are in a windy location we recommend you anchor your rain chain. All of our cup style rain chains include and extra hook for the bottom cup to anchor your rain chain. We carry 15” and 18” hand hammered copper anchoring basins that will secure your rain chain and enhance the beauty of the copper.

Q: How much do rain chains weigh?
Our rainchains average between 4 - 6 lbs and are not an issue hanging from most rain gutters. If you live in an area that gets snow and ice any accumulation will only add a few pounds to your rain chain. This will not affect your rain chains or rain gutters.

Q: How long does it take to install a rain chain?
Rain chains are easy to install and usually take only a few minutes. For installation details see our Installation Page. It is important that your rain gutter includes a downspout outlet so that water flows vertically down into your rain chain.  A simple hole in the gutter will cause water to drip along the bottom of your rain gutter.