Rain Chimes

“Rain chimes? What are those?” is often the response we get when we tell people about our unusual product line. It seems that everyone has heard of wind chimes, but not rain chimes. However, people that discover them and use them as a functional decoration for their homes really love them. Rain chimes make your home beautiful in several ways.

Consider this…what is the most pleasant sound you can think of? For most people, it’s the sound of water in one form or another.

Perhaps it’s the ocean as it comes into the beach in waves, lapping the shore and then retreating, over and over, in an almost hypnotic cycle. Or a fast-moving river in which the water is running over some rocks as it rushes downstream. It could even be the thundering sound of a huge waterfall. As human beings, we find these sounds to be very relaxing.

The sound of rain has the same effect. Think about the different sounds that rain can make. A hard rain hitting the roof of a house can sound like a dull roar. If you are outside as a sudden downpour hits the pavement of a street or parking lot, it can sound “splashy” as puddles form. Inside your home, you might hear yet a different sound, as the raindrops are blown into the glass windows.

Rain chimes create a sound that is different than any of these, but in some ways combines all of them. When the rain is falling, the drops themselves hit the rain chime initially and cause a “ping” sound. But it’s more than one rain drop, and the since the rain chimes generally have about eight feet of length with which the rain can make contact, it’s like a million little “pings” all happening at once. But that’s just the first noise.

The next sound you hear is caused by the rainwater that has hit the roof, fallen down to the gutter, and travelled the length of the gutter to where the downspout would normally be. But instead of using downspouts, we’re using rain chimes. The rain begins to fall down to the copper (or wooden) cups, falling through the hole in the bottom of each in succession. This is more of a “splash” sound that is steady and continuous. When the “splash” combines with the “ping”, it’s like an orchestra of nature sounds being performed right in front of you. Many people have said that this is the best and most relaxing way to fall asleep.

There are some variations to the sounds made by rain chimes, so no two periods of rains are exactly alike. One of the factors is the actual amount of rain falling. A light rain will produce a decidedly different sound than a heavy downpour. In addition, the force of the rain will determine the sound. A strong wind during a rain storm can cause the water to strike at a different angle and with varying intensity, so the sounds created can be quite random. That’s part of the joy of having rain chimes – you never know exactly what you will hear!

As you can tell by now, these are very different from wind chimes, which depend on the direction and force of a breeze to generate their sound. When it’s not raining, rain chimes are like silent, vertical soldiers waiting for their next chance to perform their musical show. If you have children, they are going to love listening and watching during a rain storm. It’s much better than anything that can be found on television, and the show is new each time!