Wind Chimes

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Wind chimes actually have a very interesting history. Unknown to many people is the fact that they were used for different purposes before evolving into what we know them as today.

The very first evidence of the creation and use of wind chimes puts their origination at around 3000 BC in Southeast Asia. These early models were made from hard objects such as wood or seashells, and were used as a defense against evil spirits. Later on, they served as an early form of the scarecrow – farmers discovered that the sound they made would scare off birds and various other creatures, and used the wind chimes to protect their agricultural fields from being scavenged.

A little over 3000 years ago, in China, tradesmen began to make an early form of wind chime; it was more like a bell without a clapper. Eventually there were many of these hanging in temples and pagodas. They were still being used to not only drive away the evil spirits and demons, but to attract the good spirits. After being used for years in a religious environment, people began to hang them around their homes in order to also protect their home and family from bad spirits.

It was around the 19th century that wind chimes finally made their way to America. It wasn’t long before people really started to realize the benefits of the relaxing sounds that emanated from this new “invention”. This is when the Chinese philosophy of feng shui began to have an influence on the West, so the idea of a peaceful existence and harmony with nature really helped wind chimes become popular.

Another early use was to forecast the weather. To us today, it seems incredibly primitive to use something so simple to analyze and predict short-term weather conditions, but that is exactly what happened years ago. The wind chimes would be hung in strategic places around the property, and each one would make a different sound. Based on the sounds and the order they occurred, the homeowner (often a farmer who depended on knowledge of the weather) could tell the force of the wind, and from which direction it was coming. This could indicate a coming storm or other types of weather.

The sounds made by wind chimes can have multiple positive effects on the human body and mind:

  • Stress is released
  • Anger is reduced or eliminated
  • The mind is calmed

  • The body is relaxed
  • Muscular tension is reduced
  • A feeling of peace is achieved

Since the process of healing is greatly influenced by the mind, some say that wind chimes may even have a positive medicinal effect. We know of no scientific studies that have been done in that regard, but it is without a doubt that the sound created does bring with it a certain sense of peacefulness and well-being.

We have found that people with an interest in wind chimes tend to really love our rain chimes. They do have some similarities. Both are wonderful decorations for your home, and their use is very simple – no user manual is required. They each interact with the wind and rain to make a wonderfully relaxing sound that is naturally soothing to the mind and body. In addition, they are both quite affordable. The rain chains do have one advantage, however; they can serve as a functional way to bring water from your gutter. Many people are now using them as a decorative alternative to the traditional downspouts that are normally seen. We take great joy in providing our customers with these ways to beautify not only the look of your home, but also the sound.

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