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Copper Half Round Installation Kit

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Our 100% copper half round gutter adapter 3 piece installation kit.

This item fits downspout openings between 3” – 5”.

Water neatly exits a 2” opening.

Height: 3”
Top opening: 2.75”
Exit opening: 2”
Flange diameter: 6” x 4.5”  (can be trimmed for custom fit)
Material: Copper
Copper sheet thickness is 20 guage.
Comes with gutter adapter with brass bolt and a 4 hole debris blocker.
Note: With a gutter adapter; you do not use the attachment piece that comes with the rain chain. You simply hang the rain chain directly onto the bolt attached to the adapter. This 3 piece installation kit is for half round gutters. Simply place the half round gutter adapter in the hole and mold with your hands to fit curves in gutters. In addition, apply a waterproof sealant to prevent water leaking between the flat surface of the flange and the gutter.
Q: Do I need a gutter adapter?
If you do not have existing downspouts or are installing new gutters our gutter adapter is necessary for the rain chain to function properly. If you hang a rain chain directly to a flush hole in the gutter water will shoot in various directions and miss the rain chain. The gutter adapter assures all the water leaving the gutter flows into or onto the rain chain depending on which style you choose.   
Our Gutter Adapter accommodates all of our Rain Chains and gives it a more secure attachment. However, it is not necessary for all applications. If your downspout outlet is larger than the width of your rain chain I suggest you purchase the Gutter Adapter. 
The top part (flange) of the Gutter Adapter can be trimmed. The Gutter Adapter can be found on all of our Rain Chain pages.