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Cascading Leaves Link

Price: $99.95
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Prod. Code: 10006

Our 100% pure copper Cascading Leaves rain chain

Measures 8.5 feet in length (with hook attachment)

Consists of 46 links (each with 2 leaves)

Each leaf is 1.75" wide x 2.9" long

Material: Copper

Sheet Thickness is 23


Comes with installation instructions and an attachment piece allowing you to easily connect them to your existing gutter system. (However please check out our copper gutter adapters and installation kits)

As with all of the copper rain chains we sell, they will develop a beautiful rustic patina over time.  

There is more splashing associated with this style rain chain. However, all rain chains will have some splashing. Bare in mind and I tell everyone "if it is raining hard enough for your rain chain to splatter it is raining hard enough outside that everyt