Copper Rain Chains


Copper Rain Chains…that’s an item that is not commonly seen on someone’s birthday wish list. But as many of our customers will attest, it’s a great idea for a gift. Think ahead for the holidays and get one for each of your friends and family members – and your shopping is all done!

When you give one as a gift, be prepared for a question that is commonly asked:“Thanks, but…what exactly is a copper rain chain?” In Japan, where they originated, they are very commonly seen and most people are familiar with them. They are starting to become popular here in America, but lots of people have still never seen one. So you might need to explain what it is.

A copper rain chain is made of – you guessed it – copper. In fact, we use ONLY 100%  pure copper in our copper products to ensure the highest possible quality that will last many lifetimes.

To use one, you must first attach it to the lowest end of your gutter – it actually replaces the traditional downspout with the chain downspout. Installation is very easy – each one comes with a gutter attachment hook that snaps right in place with no problem. Once you have done that, you’re finished with installation – it’s that easy!

The fun starts the next time your area has some rain. The rain hits your roof and flows into the gutter, then gravity takes it gradually down to the low end of the gutter where your downspout used to be. The rain falls through the hole, and that’s when your copper rain chain goes into action!

The rainwater flows into that first copper cup at the top of the chain. It doesn’t stay there for long, however; very quickly it finds a hole in the bottom that allows it to travel down to the next cup on the chain. The water continues its journey downward, moving from cup to cup, until finally it flows out the bottom of the last cup. Depending on your preference, the water can go into a copper basin, or it can splash into a small rock garden, or it can even just soak directly into the ground. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

So, the primary function of the copper rain chain is to replace the “normal” downspout that is seen on most homes today. Why be normal? There are some great advantages to this alternative method of water flow control.

One thing people tell us is that they love the sound of the water as it makes its way down the copper rain chain. Have you ever sat by a running river or creek and just listened to the water flowing downstream? If so, you know that the sound of flowing water has a soothing, relaxing effect on the human mind and spirit. You just can’t help but enjoy the tranquility of the moment when you hear that sound. Now you don’t have to find a flowing river to experience it – we bring it to you, every time the rain falls. Some of our customers – and their children – actually look forward to rainy days now, because of their rain chains!

Another aspect of enjoyment is just watching it happen. Like snowflakes that are completely unique, no two drops of water take the exact same path down the copper rain chain.
So the next time you have guests over, and it’s pouring rain, and you can’t play tennis or go for a walk or a bike ride, remember you have something unique that they have probably not seen before. You can all watch the “show” right from your living room window – courtesy of your copper rain chain.