Rain Downspouts


Rain downspouts (aka. Rain Chains) are capturing the attention of homeowners from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Regardless of the size or location of your home decorative rain downspouts are becoming the preferable alternative to standard downspouts. Rain downspouts not only look better but provide a soothing experience as the water cascades down through the individual cups or links. As more and more homeowners hear about rain downspouts rain gutter installers are receiving requests to install a rain chain in lieu of a standard downspout. The cost differential between a standard downspout and a rain downspout (rain chain) is minimal and in turn a 100% copper rain downspout will last indefinitely as copper does not rust or pit.

Even on days without rain, copper rain downspouts are aesthetically pleasing to look at and further enhance the beauty and value of your home. Every homeowner wants the best for their homes and with a small investment any home with rain gutters can have a rain downspout (rain chain) installed. It only takes a few minutes and no tools are required except for a screwdriver for removing your old downspout.

Daily we receive calls and emails from consumers as they become aware of decorative rain downspouts. Although rain downspouts originate back to Japan hundreds of years ago the concept is more important today than ever before. Collecting water is critical as our fresh water supplies are in decline worldwide and becoming a major environmental issue. Rain water is collected in many countries worldwide and rain that hits the roof of homes with a rain downspout (rain chain) can be saved and used for a variety of uses. These include but are not limited to bathing, drinking, watering plants, feeding animals, etc.

As we enter a new decade all of us need to be more aware than ever before of our environment and our economy. Cutting costs and protecting the environment is a major focus for many. By installing copper rain downspouts you are using a natural product that can save you money collecting water and is environmentally friendly unlike stainless steel or tin both of which will rust.

Rain downspouts will be a part of every home for years to come. From warm weather to frigid climates rain downspouts are fashionable and functional and add additional beauty to your home. We are certain you will love your rain downspout (rain chain) as we receive emails and calls from satisfied customers regularly and have yet to receive a negative comment.

Enjoy your rain downspouts (Rain Chains)!